My art explores and expresses myself, in relation to society, nature and the universe at large. Using visual and written narratives that express my state of mind regarding life, religion, spirituality, science, nature, origins, identity, love, and pain. Diverse in its scope, but reflecting upon common themes. variety is favored over visual and thematic artworld consistency. 
My current body of work takes on the form of brightly colored acrylic paintings, drawings and archival pigment prints on canvas, nylon and paper. Figurative, and abstract, juxtaposed with symbolic imagery in surreal settings, often resembling surrealistic landscapes. Encompassing incorporated text and collage, or displayed with accompanying written narratives.
At times controversial and tragically graphic, from fairytale crucifixions, to war torn and heartbreaking Palestinian children, and other times light hearted and magically playful, each artwork represents my current state of mind. They are snapshots of my mind.

"My art is my mind, my heart, my pain, my memories, it's what I smell, see, hear, think and cry about."

- David Yanez-
"The Doppler Effect"Archival Pigment Print
36" x 80"

"We Make Our Own Myths"
Archival Pigment Print, and Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 60"
"Before consistency can be measured,
Life must be consistently inconsistent."
Acrylic drawing on stretched Nylon.
40" x 60"


"But I Still Love Her"
Archival Pigment Print on Canvas
28" x 30"
"We Are The Universe"
Archival Pigment Print on Canvas
18" x 36"
Archival Pigment Print on Canvas
38" x 26"
"The Tango of Ying and Yang"
Acrylic on Canvas
54" x 72"
"Life Exists In Between The Pain."
Graphite, acrylic, collage on paper,
49.5" x 38"
"Learn From The Past"
Graphite and acrylic on paper
40" x 50"
"When a butterfly flaps its wings.
The mind sees what it wants to see,
when the heart searches for reasons why."
Digital Image: 38" x57"
"Creative Selection: The Art of Survival"
Digital Image
"Before Consistency Can Be Measured
Art Must Be Consistently Inconsistent"
 Digital Image: 38" x 51"

"For I am a destroyer of Gods
in a world of demons"
Acrylic on canvas
"The Last Thing I Saw Before I Died."
 Digital Image
"Memories of a recent past pumps
the heart faster through the night"
Digital Image
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"It's not about art anymore"
Acrylic on paper -1996
"The Birth of a Singularity"
 Acrylic on canvas - 1995
" Dear Marguerite"
 Digital Image
After acrylic, graphite and collage 1996
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"Dioxin Dream"
  Acrylic on Canvas
60" x 96"1984

"La Cola Mochachi,
 I remember your secret language."
 Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 60" - 1985

Self Portrait: "Alone"
Acrylic on Canvas
 60" x 94" - 1985